Yearly Archives: 2016

20 Jul

The Secret to Selling a Business for Top Dollar!

When a business owner considers selling the first thing they want to know is “How much is my business worth?” As an investment banker, I don’t like the question. I love it. It’s one of the easier questions to answer in an entire process of landing a new client. And the answer goes like this:

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18 Apr

Build Or Buy ?

Build or buy: these are the two main frameworks for companies to achieve growth. Some companies opt to achieve growth organically (building), while others find it more efficient to buy growth, acquiring strategic or complementary companies — commonly referred to as add-ons. Here are three ways add-on acquisitions can boost ROI. Quick Tips TIP #1

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17 Feb

How to work with a Seller after the Deal is Done

When buying a company, one key factor in your success is the transition that happens immediately afterwards. You need time with the previous owner to understand how and why they operated the business the way they did. And you need their support to transition customer relationships. Your relationship with the previous owner will vary depending

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06 Jan

11 key reflection points in M&A for 2015

As 2015 came to a close, we at had a chance to take a breath and think about what we observed, and learned, in the past year. These reflections were generated from reviewing over 2000 investment opportunities, of which we deep-dived on 397, leading to 17 indications of interest, 5 letters of intent, and

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