Yearly Archives: 2014

28 Oct

The Best Performing Industries in the U.S.

Seven of the top 10 industries in the U.S. boast a sales growth figure above the 10 percent mark, with two doubling the private company average in the last year. If you’re searching for industries in the U.S. with the wind at their back, you’ll find them in nearly every corner of the U.S. economy,

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27 Oct

Should You Sign a NDA when Buying a Business?

Should You Sign a NDA when Buying a Business? There are some steps in the business for sale process that benefit both the seller and you the buyer. These steps protect the seller from time-wasting buyers and the buyer from acquiring lemons. One of the most important questions when buying a business is Can I

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01 Oct

Cars 4 Kids Charity Event

As business owner and professional intermediary I have the opportunity to participate in several charity events a year. The majority of the time it is centered around a golf event, but 100% of the time its to benefit children. On September 20 2014 American Business Brokers was invited as a sponsor to participate in the

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20 Aug

The Importance of a Great Broker

Business Brokers: Their Importance To Business Buyers & Sellers As many businesses change their owners at some point, the services of business brokers can be necessary and highly valuable both from the business buyers and sellers perspective. A person who is aiming to buy a business will need to evaluate the particular establishment and an

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17 Jun

Why you need to impress the Seller when buying a business.

Why You Need to Impress the Seller When Buying a Business? When buying a business, one would think that the pressure is on the seller to complete the sale. This is not the case. A seller is very selective about whom he or she will sell to. After investing many years in the business, struggling

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11 Jun

How to Make Offers to Buy a Business

How to Make Offers to Buy a Business You had decided to buy a business instead of starting a new one. You chose the industry after studying the market trends and emerging opportunities for its growth. Fortunately, it is an industry that matches your skills and one that you are familiar with. You have looked

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07 May

What a 1st time Business Buyer needs to know.

First-Time Business Buyers: What You Need To Know Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap Making the transition from worker bee to small business owner involves a great deal of time, effort, money, and personal commitment. It is not a decision to be made hastily nor taken lightly. There are certain questions you need to ask and certain

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07 Apr

Whats a Business Appraiser?

The role of business appraisers in the buying and selling of a business is to establish the value of the business in question, put in the simplest possible terms. Of course, there are a lot of different aspects to the role of business appraisers, but that is the general function. As such, they are vital

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27 Mar

How to get a loan to buy a business

Why is buying a business so complicated? There are many reasons but the simplest is that you have to get them all right to move forward and take the final step and become a business owner. For most buyers that start their journey, their first step is to find a business for sale. For good

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17 Mar

Can You Buy a Business with No Money Down?

Can You Buy a Business with No Money Down? Cash-Poor Entrepreneur Many of us have dreams of owning our own business. Franchise opportunities abound for people who have ready cash to spend, although it can take close to six figures ($100,000) to do a proper job of it – what with the initial franchise fee,

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