Monthly Archives: October 2014

28 Oct

The Best Performing Industries in the U.S.

Seven of the top 10 industries in the U.S. boast a sales growth figure above the 10 percent mark, with two doubling the private company average in the last year. If you’re searching for industries in the U.S. with the wind at their back, you’ll find them in nearly every corner of the U.S. economy,

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27 Oct

Should You Sign a NDA when Buying a Business?

Should You Sign a NDA when Buying a Business? There are some steps in the business for sale process that benefit both the seller and you the buyer. These steps protect the seller from time-wasting buyers and the buyer from acquiring lemons. One of the most important questions when buying a business is Can I

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01 Oct

Cars 4 Kids Charity Event

As business owner and professional intermediary I have the opportunity to participate in several charity events a year. The majority of the time it is centered around a golf event, but 100% of the time its to benefit children. On September 20 2014 American Business Brokers was invited as a sponsor to participate in the

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